Best Luxury Lifestyle Shopping List in 2022

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Winter is just around the corner and what we would like to ask is “Have you managed to sort out your luxury shopping list for winter?” Or Have you tried any high-end fashion products finder app. If not, there’s no need to panic as we’re about to give you a quick rundown of some of the winter essentials you should include in your shopping list. You better get that pen and paper so you don’t miss anything!


What’s On your Luxury Shopping List this Winter?

If you’re a fan of luxe and high-end fashion, then this is your ultimate shopping list for winter. We’ve got everything from jewelry to shoes and more! Check it out!

1. Staple Outwear Clothing – The Classic Mink

Couple under the scorching sun in the garden among the flowers

One winter staple clothing that never goes out of style is a classic mink coat. The classic mink has epitomized style and sophistication for generations of women over the years. It is a wardrobe staple that has graced countless fashion runways and has been worn by numerous Hollywood stars in films including Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and many others. A mink coat is truly a ‘must-have,’ and if you’d like to see this item designed in various styles and materials, you better check out Valentino’s Spring 2019 collection as it showcases some of the best designs that suit all tastes.

2. Statement Coat – Fur

statement fur coat

A fur coat is another statement piece you should include in your wardrobe this winter. This item speaks volumes in terms of showcasing your personality and style. It doesn’t have to be the trendiest piece you should get as there are a lot of ways on how you can level up its overall look. Adding bold elements like unique detailing and infusing color are a few of the great ways you can show to the world how fun and refined your style is. Gucci and Versace sell some of the best fur coats today but if you’d like to opt for faux fur, Stella McCartney and Saint Laurent have an array of super-luxe designs for you that will surely turn heads.

3. Layering Pieces – Scarves and Accessories

Layering Pieces – Scarves and Accessories

Staying warm during winter is very important and one way to keep yourself warm without looking like a burrito is through smart use of essential layering pieces. To some, layering is as easy as folding a piece of paper however, this is not the case to many. Hence, it is vital to learn the art of layering and one great item that you can easily use to practice is a scarf. Adding a scarf allows you to spice up any boring outfit you have as it adds a contrasting color and texture. You can also try wearing a blanket-wrap scarf as it gives a draped look, or you can try a thick cardigan if you’ll be spending most of your time within the safe confines of artificial heating. A cape or poncho is another fashionable piece with a loose fit that lets you puff yourself up underneath. What’s amazing with these items is they are available in different sizes giving you the freedom to be more experimental with how you complete your winter outfit.

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4. Winter Boots – Best for Indoor and Outdoor Wear

Winter Boots

Buying a pair of winter boots can save you a lot of trouble and discomfort. You might think that your old pair of sneakers will do but they are not the right shoes to wear since they immediately get wet causing your feet to freeze over eventually. Therefore, find yourself a good pair of winter boots that you can use both indoors and outdoors. You’d be surprised as to how many selections there are nowadays so to make it much easier for you to shop, some of our top picks are lace-up fur trim boots, waterproof quilted snow boots, knit cuff leather rain boots, and waterproof ankle boots. The North Face, UGG, L.L Bean, and Toms are a few brands that sell some of the best winter boots in the market today. You may be interested in the list of most expensive shoes in the world.

5. Cozy Sweaters and Warm Tights

Warm Tights

Winter is all about cozy sweaters and warm tights. Depending on your taste, you can get cozy sweaters in different colors or be sleek and minimal with a cashmere version. A classic grey goes with everything, whether a pair of jeans, a skirt, or even a dress. Turtleneck and oversized sweaters are also good additions as well as pre-distressed sweaters that will surely earn a lot of compliments from your friends. Cashmere sweaters are another layering piece you should never forget to buy as it’s easy to dress up and dress down.

In terms of warm tights, you can opt for thermal tights, wool tights, and fleece tights to get that extra warmth. Leggings and tights are a year-round staple and some of the brands that sell the best are Uniqlo, Under Armour, and Adidas. You can easily pair them with skirts or dresses as they are not only warm but affordable and come in a selection of colors too.

6. Wool Beanie and Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves with Fur

It’s said that 80-90 percent of your body heat escapes through your head hence, you should always wear hats for extra protection such as a wool beanie. Researchers say that cold temperatures cause changes to the composition of the blood which increases the likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke. Therefore, taking simple precautions like wearing a woolly hat and turning up the heating could save your life in winter. However, beanies are hardly held in high regard by followers of fashion that’s why, it’s also important to be cautious on how you wear. Trying out a few that suits the shape of your face is one way to figure out which size and style best matches you.

wool beanie

Leather gloves are also a must if you want to keep yourself full covered during the cold season. You can opt for a leather pair if you find them comfortable. One reason you should wear gloves is that your hands can easily lose moisture in winter. Humidity goes down and cold dry air affects your hands, leaving your skin to chap and peel which can be very painful eventually. Applying moisturizer may work but not for long. Therefore, they better wear gloves to keep them warm always. Plus, they can be a great fashion statement too.


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