Six Reasons to Buy a Villa in Dubai Arabian Ranches

Arabian Ranches Dubai

We know you have been researching on the best place to buy, rent or invest in the UAE, with several options before you. Therefore, we bring you detailed information about the Arabian Ranches which we are sure should be on your list by now. A luxurious lifestyle awaits you at the Arabian Ranches, which you will immediately feel the moment you step into the community.

First fact you should know is that the Arabian Ranches is a gated community and ranked among the exclusive communities in Dubai. Being a favorite choice of several buyers and renters, the Arabian Ranches is purposely built for community living and gives you that sense of togetherness with other renters or villa owners. This is why it is more suited for families than for singles that would prefer the hustles and bustles of a city.

The Arabian Ranches have two phases, that is, Arabian Ranches 1 which has a residential composition of up to 4000 villas and 12 sub-communities; and Arabian ranches two consisting of over 1,724 townhouses and villas with eight sub-communities.

These Arabian phases are located on a 10km perimeter close to best museums in Dubai & Dubai’s global village on Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and are known to consist of a wide range of architectural designs and villa patterns. The sub-communities under each Arabian phase have a specific architectural theme; for instance, Mirador has a Spanish structural outlook, while Palmera is known for its European style. Some other villa styles featured on the Arabian ranches include the traditional Arabic, Portuguese, Moroccan and Santa Fe themes.

Even though the Ranches could feel a little isolated, which is because of its self-sufficiency, it boasts of several infrastructures and essential amenities needed to keep you out of the city for as long as you chose. The townhouses have up to 2-3 bedrooms while the villas can have up to 7 bedrooms and offer expats the luxury they crave.

Arabian Ranches Dubai

Why should you buy a villa in Arabian Ranches?

To invest in a villa, you may need to consider if the area meets your expectations. And for the Arabian Ranches, you should know firsthand that it intends to bring people together with a sense of community. If this is the kind of place you desire, then you should know the other benefits you get to enjoy while you are there.

The 20 sub-communities you can choose to live on the Arabian Ranches include: Saheel, Al Mahra, Terra

Nova, Hattam, Al Varada, La Avenida, Palmera, Alma, Al Reem, Savannah, Mirador (1&2), Uber luxurious, Lila, Palma, Rosa, Rasha, Samara, Aseel and Yasmin. Each of these sub-communities, though different in their architectural designs, offers nearly the same comfort and luxury you crave.


The unique benefits they share include:

Security: this is the first feature you see on the Arabian Ranches. The gated community boasts of high security with very little or no crime incidence.

Access to a wide range of amenities: the ranches boasts of a decent supermarket, about 20 or more shops, bars and restaurants, spa, a travel agency, clinic and pharmacy and several other convenient facilities to enjoy your stay. In addition to all these is the easy access to discount deals and occupants’ membership schemes especially at the golf club.

Community relationship: there are several activities on the ranch to bring different families together with a sense of belonging. Some of these activities include golfing and polo riding. The Arabian ranches have an 18-hole par. 72 desert styled golf field and several Arabian horses to ride on at the Dubai Polo and equestrian club. So there is enough to keep you connected with friends.

Family friendly: everything on the Arabian ranches, the houses inclusive is designed to accommodate a family lifestyle. You can move in with your family or even plan to start a family on the ranch. The most important feature, however, is that Arabian Ranches have its schools, JESS Arabian Ranches being the most popular, while others Nord Anglia and GEMs World Academy are just right for your kids.

Serene and safe environment: if you are in need of somewhere quiet and far from city commotion, the Arabian Ranches is your best deal. It is located far from the daily bustles in Dubai and very self-contained. You can rest assured of your child’s safety as they explore their world with less worry about most 21st century troubles. In other words, on the Arabian Ranches, your child safety is guaranteed, and you can live free from the usual city buzz.

Well-arranged Villas and townhouses: if you are not drawn to anything yet on the Arabian, the well-lined buildings should move you to own a place on the ranch. The beautiful designs are well planned out thus making the Arabian villas and townhouses a standard for other communities. The villas are built to offer you the chance to a luxurious lifestyle despite the size you own and the amount invested.

Among the several features, there are also open green grasses for outdoor recreation, good road network and you also get to raise your flurry or feathery pets without getting sued. And if you enjoy admiring nature, the Dubai miracle garden is just close to you.

We believe these are more than enough reasons for you to invest in one of the Arabian properties. And should you have any reason to doubt, you can scroll up once more to reread those features. These are luxuries you can’t afford to miss for anything. Be among the smart investors, get an Arabian villa today.

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