The Vibrant Future of Bali’s Tourism and Real Estate Industry – A Fact-Based Market Report

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Tourism, no doubt, affects the prices of real estate property and this happened when Andy Gray (Seven Stones Principal) was in Bali where in those days the tourism was on its peak, and people were exploring things out there for peaceful living and amenities available. The result that they had seen was the prices jumped up within 48 hours of freehold properties and rents. This difference was considered to be 10 times higher than usual.

There is a real boom in prices of villas which some experts say that this is a big surge that has made the freehold land of Bali very exceptional in real estate market. From a resourceful and respective means, the Global Property Guide report has claimed that on average these are usually priced around 1100$ to 2300$ per square meter.

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Bali, without any doubt, is a remarkable place which has brought productive changes in country’s economy. This island is considered to be a precious crown of Indonesia’s financial industry. Travel and leisure provide nourishment to the real estate market in Indonesia. A review by Global Property Guide, reports that 80 % of Bali’s economic system relies on the tourism industry and that right now around thirty thousand retirees are residing in Bali. Most of these, in conjunction with increasing opportunities by Indonesians and people from other countries, led to “unprecedented property selling price rises in recent years.”

On the flip side, by the 2017 market survey by travel and leisure consultant Horwath HTL, the availability of holiday villas on the isle grew 6% every year. Required rate acquired a year-on-year increase average of 35 % despite the fact that there was a 69 % reduction in month-to-month consumption rate. Regardless of the eruption of Mount Agung, which dampened visitor arrivals within the last 3 months of 2017, the yearly total number of tourists to the isle rose 20.58 % to 5.7 million, exceeding beyond the standard amount of 5.21 million, details from the Bali federal government.

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According to the report, there were 11.4% of tourists from other countries arrive during the first 2 months of 2018 whereas there were a slight slump and decrease in the percentage of about 0.34 which affected the growth in February. The World Travel and tourism council revealed that Indonesia had become now a 22nd country which is still being prevailed in the same industry. On the other hand, the Australia based organization Future Direction International has reported that the earning of Indonesia in foreign exchange has been raised of about 6.2% or 72.4 billion US dollars alone in 2016. This continues growth, as we mentioned earlier, has made this country 22nd big economy in the world.

The significant advancement has been set and decided in this year. The investment board of Bali has decided to increase the investment in the same industry which is considered to be achieved is 1.3 billion US dollar and 18 trillion Indonesia rupiah. To meet this target this year, the federal government has taken some initiatives to invite private firms to make investments in the new airport to further make changes in the air traffic and passengers capacity in planes to allow the tourists to arrive in massive numbers. This airport is going to build in North of Bali. This airport is worth approx 2 billion dollars.

China is famous for helping its neighbors out; it is stated by the Jakarta post that China is showing the interest also in the tourism industry of Indonesia. Chinese investors are interested in making investments in China belt (a road plan). As per the mutual consultation, Beijing and Jakarta have signed about 5 contracts and are ready to invest mutually about 23.3 billion dollars. Bali cannot be ignored in this particular stance, and they mutually agreed to build a power plant in Bali of about 520 billion dollars. There is none of the project in this world that has no hurdles on the way, so as Indonesia has come along. The poor infrastructure of Indonesia’s tourism industry was the big challenge for both included countries, so China planned to bring some investments in Indonesia to improve its tourism industry. The estimated amount which will be spent on tourism fixation is about 520 billion dollars.

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The tourism industry is a double-edged blade. More targeted visitors signify a more radiant economic climate and development in investment profits. However, more and more people may also have an unfavorable effect on environmental surroundings and regional residential areas: the issues that attracted people to this tropical isle from the outset. There’s no doubt Bali is indeed a buyers’ industry, however, these days, Gray states, “unrealistic selling price anticipations mean real estate is closing at about 80 % to 85 % of first demanding prices”. This particular level of resistance has led to a leveling-off of selling prices, and as a result, a more reasonable and appealing real estate industry in the past couple of years, especially on the fringe of exactly where the tourism industry is attracting the actual interest.

In 2018, this implies more improvement on the western coast precisely where there tend to be sunset sea sights as well as world-class surf dunes with million-dollar panoramas, and not too long ago, a great deal more importance on Bali’s north coastline the place where the island’s brand-new airport terminal will be constructed. So as per that condition, the interest of local and international investors will be more prevailing in coming 6 months, and that interest will be increased for luxury villas and freehold land. “With financial systems and stock trading markets in common are going through rapid advancement on a worldwide scale, the extravagance high-end industry appears to be opened yet again. However this is limited to all those buildings with freehold titles,” states Joe White, sales manager at Seven Stones.

Elite heaven says that there is a great relief for the foreign investors, How? The local owners of the freehold property can offer their properties to international investors. Moreover, this usability rights can attract more investors in place. The foreign investors can use the powers of the locals’ properties on a leasehold basis to run their tourism business in the market. This policy is announced by the central government to facilitate the foreign investors so they can easily invest their money in this country that not to mention can give a real boost to tourism and real estate industry of Indonesia. If you are going to invest and can use the property for the tourism business, then you can get it on leasehold basis for about 80 years which is said to be a great policy ever formed for country’s economic future.

The majority of people trying to make investments in a high-end real estate in Bali have a quality of life to keep up with the ideal choices being self-contained with many different spaces and somewhere amazingly gorgeous. The number of facilities and amenities will indeed be increased if this island succeeds to bring the foreign investment in.

The policy mentioned above announced by the government has created a market buzz for interested investors around the world. “From our point of view the customers we support are certainly not too concerned about getting wholesome earnings from leasing out the buildings while they’re not making use of them, but they want to experience they’re having worth for their own investment decision. They are generally searching for that incredible ordeal every moment they reside there,” says Stones’ White. So, making investments in Bali’s tourism and real estate will not be the pie in the sky for the curious multinational companies, they will have to face some obstacles coming on ways to ultimate progression and growth. More policies by the government are yet to come but facilitating the local investor should be overlooked, and they have to be believed as a backbone of Indonesia’s economy.

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