Top 19 Luxurious Dream Villas in the World – Must See Wonders

White Lodge Turkey

Are you the kind of person who prefers living in large properties that you can explore? You aren’t alone, almost all travellers prefer a bit of luxury and living in villas. Experiencing the beauty of a location is what makes these villas special. Check out the top 19 villas around the world that you don’t want to miss seeing before you bid the planet goodbye.

R Sector Villas in Emirates Hills, Dubai

R Sector Villas in Emirates Hills Dubai

Dubai is one of the luxurious hubs in the world. Emirates Dubai is a home to different complexes and R sector villas. There are more than 70 villas that offer a view of Address Montgomerie golf course. R Sector Villas are admixed with a European touch and designed with modern facilities. It has a fair parking space that can accommodate up to 5 cars. Additionally, it has a built in elevator. Navigate to this website to learn more about this Luxury Villa.


  • Features a smart home technology
  • Heated pool
  • A great view of Golf Course and Dubai skyline
  • Steam room, game room, private elevator, Jacuzzi,


Fronds Signature Villa in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Fronds Signature Villa Palm Jumeirah

Fronds Signature is a “treat to the eyes” Villa that was designed by top architects and it overlooks the magnificent Dubai Marina and Palm Jumeirah crescent. It is close located near malls, beaches, restaurants and clubs and that is why it comes a whopping price. The styles used to make the villas are range from Arabic to European and from Spanish to Mediterranean.


  • Private swimming pool and beaches
  • Offers a great view of the Dubai skyline and Serene Ocean
  • One of the highest end in Dubai
  • Located near various clubs, malls, beaches, etc.


OL JOGI Villa, Kenya

OL JOGI Villa Kenya

OL Jogi is located over the Laikipia plateaus. If you opt for flight from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, you would take around 45 minutes before reaching the OL Jogi Villa. It is situated between nature laps and it is a place well known for spectacular wildlife. It consists of 7 cottages that are spread over 58, 000 acres. The villas/ cottages are equipped with modern facilities. There is a tunnel that leads to a watering hole where visitors can view wildlife privately.


  • There are indoor games, theatre and library
  • These villas are equipped with modern day technology
  • They are luxurious villas which are surrounded by nature and wildlife
  • Amazing food, various activity provisions and concierge is available on call


Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Over Yonder Cay Bahamas

Over Yonder Cay is another heaven on earth. It features four villas built to satisfy each traveler’s luxurious needs. These villas are all equipped with natural energy harvested from the sun and wind as well. They offer a great view of the blue ocean. This is just the perfect place for couples as well as family vacations.


  • Imaginable modern facilities like satellite TVs, infinity pools, library, pools,
  • There is gym games room, spa, beach club, volleyball facilities and a nine-hole golf course
  • Here one can go for water sports, driving excursions among others


Ski Dream Home, Utah

Ski Dream home Utah

Ski Dream home is perched on Utah Mountains. It is a luxurious home that has a lot offer. Ski Dream home combines both the olden charms and the modern day luxury. The villa features a glass wall and beautiful interior. Here you can enjoy an array of skiing activities. A heated pool surrounds the chilly mountain.


  • It is a home where you get drank in style
  • Gym, spa, heated pool, fireplace, wine cellar,
  • Various skiing activities
  • A spectacular view of the mountain
  • Posh facilities


Presidential Villa at Azura

Presidential Villa Azura

Presidential Villa is located in Mozambique near the Indian Ocean. It is located a hundred and fifteen meters (150 m) minutes from the main Azura. The villa has every modern facility you can think of as well as personal chefs and butlers. It offers a clear view of the beach with blue waters. Spend one of your holidays her to witness the spectacular sunset.


  • Infinity pool
  • Luxurious suites
  • You can view the beautiful land scape while on tree-house
  • Personal butlers and chefs


Abercrombie and Kent Villas, Ibiza

Abercrombie and Kent villas Ibiza

Ibiza is not only a well-known party but also a tourist destination. With posh facilities, Abercrombie and Kent villas offer a wide range of luxury. While enjoy Mediterranean holiday in the white sand beaches a tourist may experience the facilities of these am zing villas. Here a tourist can have a spectacular view of the sea. Private beaches are also available.


  • An awesome ocean view
  • Spas, infinity pool, club, bar, gyms,
  • Amazing party by night
  • A stretch of property to explore


Villa Terrazas, Ibiza

Villa Terrazas Ibiza

Villa Terrazas is generally for rent. It is surround by lots of night clubs not forgetting the hustles of the main town too. This is a place where you can experience calm, peace and most of all luxury.


  • All modern facilities are available
  • Close to the main town
  • Private pools and beautiful gardens


Villa Gajah Putih, Bali

Villa Gajah Putih Bali

Bali is located in Asia and it is lone of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. What makes this destination more appealing to visitors is its beautiful landscape and luxurious facilities. Gajah Putih is one of the villas. It consist of seven (7) bedroomed villa estate which is on 3 acre land. It has a large swimming pools and overlooks an attractive beach.


  • A well equipped kitchen with butlers and professional chefs
  • Home cinemas
  • Overlooks the ocean
  • Private beachfront
  • Private tennis court
  • 7 luxury bedrooms


Villa La Cassinella

Villa La Cassinella

Villa La Cassinella is spectacular building located in Northern Italy near Lake Como. It is equipped with all the modern facilities you can think of. You will find a pool house, a gym and cinema in this restored building. Private services are offered whenever asked for. Last but not least, you can view the beautiful panoramic view of the lake form the Terrace House.


  • Panoramic View of L. Como
  • Offers a modern day feel
  • Heated infinity pool


Villa Amoulakis, Peligoni, Greece

Villa Amoulakis Peligoni Greece

Amoulakis villa is owned by Peligoni Club (Peligoni owns a number of villas around Greece). It not only has six bedrooms but also overlooks the blue sea. The villas is split in two wings that have various bedrooms all equipped with modern technology and facilities. Amoulakis’ interior features a bohemian charm. High standard restaurants and Cafes are made available, for visitors who want to try different Greek cuisine.


  • Has a well equipped kitchen and dining space
  • Infinity pool
  • Spacious rooms


Villa Poletti, Bellagio

Villa Poletti Bellagio

Like Cassinella, Poletti is also close to Lake Como. It overlooks the small village of San Giovanni and the gorgeous harbor, this is indeed a luxurious home. It features a mixture of both the traditional and modern amenities. You can enjoy viewing churches beautiful beaches and coffee shops. This villa entails all modern amenities.


  • Proximity of various pubs, shops and restaurants
  • Beautiful view of L. Como
  • Mixture of historic architecture with modern amenities


Tinos KP, Greece

Tinos KP Greece

Tinos KP is a recently built villa. It is located in Tinos and it overlooks the Kalivia beach, it is indeed a breathtaking villa. Additionally, it has an adjunct guest house. KP has an infinity pool and two large terraces.

It is pretty vast, with 6 bedrooms. The front terrace faces the beach and sea. The villa is close to the village of Kardiani, another treat to the eyes. The villas’ interior consists of décor and modern amenities.


  • Fully equipped with modern amenities
  • Overlooks a beautiful view of the sea
  • Fireplace and infinity pool


White Lodge, Turkey

White Lodge Turkey

White lodge is located in Turkey, Kalkan; “the jewel in the crown”. It is in the list of the most luxurious villas in town. It has 8 bedrooms and has an infinity pool. The villa also features a Turkish steam hammam room; another reason why it is famous among most celebrities.


  • Has a private garden, breakfast bar and BBQ space
  • Modern facilities with included Turkish touch
  • Infinity pool overlooking a good view of the town


Cabau S’Argamassa Villas, Ibiz

Cabau S Argamassa Villas Ibiza

Ibiza is simply a place where a lot of partying due to the presence of countless midnight clubs. Cabau S’Argamassa is a complex in Ibiza with about 15 villas, each villa is a treat to the eyes! All the 15 villas are equipped with modern facilities.


  • Private garden and pool
  • Proximity to different hip place around town
  • It quiet and secluded


Margò, Mykonos Town, Greece

Margò Mykonos Town Greece

Margò is a beautiful villa located in Mykonos Town on the Greek island. The villas’ interior is made of a mixture of modern amenities and traditional décor. In general, the property is a mixture of both tradition and luxury. BBQ, decent foods and beautiful furniture are available.


  • Private plunge pool, bar, lounge, a pergola
  • A combination of modern and classic décor
  • Overlooks the waterbody


Beaver Creek, Colorado, USA

Beaver Creek Colorado USA

Beaver Creek is the best place to spend your holiday. It is found in the USA, Colorado and is located on the mountain making a perfect place for hiking and skiing. And the food is so good.


  • Excellent place for hiking and skiing
  • Spacious room and beautiful interior
  • Outdoor hot tub


Villa Nonna, Croatia

Villa Nonna Croatia

Nonna is a villa secluded from the hustle of the city. Overlooks the beautiful Peter Bay (Peter Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world) which a stone throw distance from the Villa. The villa consists of modern facilities.

Nonna has 4 suites, each having an individual balcony not forgetting to mention the shaded pool with a wet bar. There are countless prominent spots like Golf course nearby.


  • Pool with a wet bar
  • Alfresco dining space
  • A breathtaking view


The list is still too long so, save up and experience a luxurious life.

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