Top Color and Home Design Trends in 2020

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We’re already into 2020 and like every year there’s a lot of thought going into the newest color and home design trends that will be making a mark this year. Yes, everyone wants their home to look new with the New Year. Obviously, things don’t have to go this radical but the latest trends in 2020 are definitely going to set the tone for transforming your place without you having to make any major changes to what you already have.

So, if you are ready to update or freshen up your home this year, you must keep an eye on the design trends forecasted for the year. To give you a feel of what you should be looking forward to this year in the latest color and home design trends, here we have some of the top trending options for you to consider. They are surely going to make your place look exciting and fun.

The Latest Home Design Trends in 2020

The color and home design trends in 2020 are showing a shift from those cool-toned neutrals and we are not seeing them anywhere lately. This year we’re going towards bold options and they will definitely make any space in your interiors look charming and more appealing than ever. Here we have a glimpse of that for you.

So, ready to explore these in detail and see what kind of décor you need to build in 2020? Let’s get rolling!

  1. Rich Jewel Color Tones

Rich Jewel Color Tones

A very simple option you have for updating your home would be to continue with current trends and simply go with a new paint coat. Yes, that’s the simplest of refreshes you can give to your home. This New Year, it will be all about the bold primary tones and the rich jewel colors that will make a statement. Emerald and hunter green colors are both very rich in nature and they’re very much capable of creating a more neutral feel throughout the home.

As we all know, the trends do not really change too fast, so you can expect the Pantone Color of Year from 2018, the ultraviolet, to still be there in home design trends. Some wall art or a beautiful area rug in these rich jewel shades is definitely going to help you create amazing vibes in your interiors. In fact, they’ll add more drama and color into the existing décor in your home and you will not even need to go for an all-out renovation project for that.

  1. Warm And Neutral Color Tones

Warm And Neutral Color Tones

Got bored of those beige and gray tones that used to look great in yesteryears? It’s time for a change in 2020 as we are shifting towards more warm and neutral color tones. You don’t have to keep it all neutral in 2020 and should instead add that feeling of warmth to your interiors this New Year. Cavern Clay is going to be the color of this year according to Sherwin-Williams ColorMix and it will surely help add a new touch of life to your living areas. The hues of hazelnut and clay are beautiful earthy and warm browns that can bounce light off for giving your rooms a bigger feel. However, if you still want to update on those cool grays, Lilac gray might be your best bet and it’s been used in yesteryears as well. The color is gender-neutral and it works perfectly fine in almost any room to give your home a perfect uplift.

  1. Repurposed And Sustainable Items

Repurposed And Sustainable Items

As we’re continuously experiencing a decrease in personal carbon footprint and the climate is changing drastically, Ashley Dudich, the home blogger from All The Design, believes that sourcing repurposed and sustainable items for home décor is going to be the trend in this year. It’s definitely going to lift things up a notch while still making sure that we’re able to deal with the climate change better.

We have already taken a step towards sustainability in different areas in our lives today, and there is no doubt that it will trickle down into the mainstream home design and décor as well. So, it is a good idea to go with décor items and furniture pieces that have been re-purposed, reclaimed and recycled to become increasingly typical in our routine design practices.

Repurposing furniture items that you can find easily at the flea markets doesn’t just make for an interesting DIY idea, it gives a more meaningful message as well that you can always make your old stuff new again. If you haven’t tried your luck with the DIY stuff in the past, you can go with refurbished tree trunks, which have been sealed and treated, as they make wonderful side tables, charger plates and coasters whatever you like. According to Dudich, you should also look around and see if there is something in your home that’s broken or is not in style or use anymore. It would be a good idea to get rid of them. While staying true to the sustainability spirit, you’d be better off considering which of these useless items could be reclaimed, donated or recycled.

  1. Boho Décor

Boho Décor

In 2020, we’ll be seeing an upgraded version of the Boho décor trend. The vintage boho vibe is definitely going to be modernized with a whole new look and feel this year. You should be looking forward to a more vibrant Boho décor that is just about creating perfect mix-and-match of colors, patterns, and textures. The New Year comes with an all-new Boho vibe that is about going with more vibrant jewel tones with soft and curved lines. This new trend is definitely going to give your home a perfect update allowing you to change those throw pillows, runners, and tablecloths, and also choosing some latest wall art as well.

Create boho dining spaces with some cool blues that create a perfect bohemian feel as they’re mixed with the natural textures. Those woven chairs, shades, and pendants in the dining room are surely going to make a statement. You can even go with the wallpaper that fits nicely into the theme as well.

Adding a rope swing to your boho pad is definitely going to be a welcoming addition to your boho pad this year. A perfect hanging chair will make for a wonderful reading spot for your beach apartment.

Similarly, it would be a great idea to incorporate some bohemian textiles into your indoor and outdoor space. Complement your versatile furniture pieces with beautiful bohemian fabric and it will create a more relaxing feel than ever. Add in some exotic patterns and you’re up for a perfectly Bohemian feel right throughout your modern home this year.

  1. Floral Patterns

Interior Design Trend Floral Patterns

Keeping up with the bold color and home design trends in 2020, you’re sure to see florals getting a wonderful color update as well. You don’t have to go with those watercolor, muted flowers that used to be popular in the past. This time around the floral patterns are going to be more colorful and they will be bigger than what we’ve seen over the years. If going floral too much makes you feel a bit overwhelmed, you can always incorporate this trend into your bedspreads, some throw pillows or a lampshade. The beautiful floral patterns are surely going to be a good addition to your home décor in 2020 and they will allow you to add both pattern and color to your interiors. What’s even better is that they can still make the décor feel a bit neutral. Well, that’s exactly what you’d like to stay current and trendy this year.

  1. Matte Black Accents

Matte Black Accents

The gray looks have eventually met the match with black accents emerging to rule in 2020. You can incorporate them all over your home to make for a perfect vibe. For the dining space, it would be a great idea to choose your dining chairs in matte black and complement them with matching lighting fixtures. However, if you are looking forward to something bigger to change the entire space, black flooring or black cabinetry would definitely make a perfect choice.

The trend is, probably, not just for 2020 and it’s going to stick around for some time as we see it. So, it would be in your best interest to take some time and try incorporating the style anywhere you like in your home décor. Just make sure that you do not go with something too crazy because it will quickly turn the chic vibes into Addams Family ones even before you know it.

  1. Memphis Design

Memphis Design

The Memphis design is taking over midcentury modern with color and furnishing collection du jour. Graphic shapes and primary colors haven’t been so popular since the 80s. Furthermore, this year we’ll be seeing a shift from straight and rigid furniture lines and more enveloping furniture pieces like tub chairs will be in demand.

  1. Maximalist Art

Maximalist Art

We are finally seeing a decline in Scandinavian design and minimalism which dominated over the years and was characterized by simple materials and neutral tones. This time around, the shift is towards more graphic patterns and bright colors as they will be more prevalent across home interiors. However, you don’t really need to worry about mixing colors, textures, and patterns. The gallery walls can be taken up a notch by making them cover one wall completely. Or, you can add some large-scale, dramatic pieces to make a statement. It will definitely take things to the next level.

  1. Metallics

Metallics Interior Design

When it comes to home décor and design, the metallic accents have been around in recent years and they will stay in 2020 too. In fact, you can count on them right throughout this year and, maybe, even beyond. According to Dudich, the metal accents are getting ever more popular as a design choice and we’ll probably see more metallic pieces being incorporated into home décor this year and beyond.

Last year, we saw rose gold ruling the metallics in décor. However, this time around we’re going to see more of copper accents and there will be more of mix and match of the metallics right throughout the interiors. It would be a good idea to mix different finishes and match them with the natural wood to make the trend look updated.

To conclude, this year is definitely going to be all Bold. From bigger renovations, such as updating the kitchen cabinets to the matte black finishes, or maybe adding some more color to the interiors through wall art or bedding, this year is going to make a new impact on home décor and design industry. The best part is that the color and home design trends in 2020 will fit most budgets and needs.

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