Top Ten Most Expensive Cars in the World

The famous saying that materialistic things do not bring happiness cannot be held true for cars. When you are traveling in your luxurious and fastest car through country roads, you will definitely not feel sad- unless your car runs out of gas. If you are fascinated by enchanting and alluring cars, you’re on the right page! Here you can find some of the most expensive cars in the world. The roads and highways of Dubai are rife with some of the most luxurious, costly and mesmerizing cars everywhere.

Which car is the most expensive in the world (Updated 2020)?

Here is the complete list of the ten most happening cars in the world presently.


The most expensive car in the world- Roll Royce is the epitome of luxury in automobile industry. This highly sought after car is now off the markets. In the year 2016, there were a total of 4,000 Roll Royce produced to maintain the exclusivity of the breathtakingly attractive model. The car also has its custom coach work. Designed on the Wraith, it can only take two people at once. The interior is filled with leather and wood spaces for placing laptops. The panoramic sunroof resembles that of racing yachts very closely. But the elegance of Rolls Royce is not just limited to its modern taste; it has been built on the conventional models of 1920s and 1930s, combining historical significance with contemporary luxury.


This car boasts luxury in the very purest sense. The cost of Koenigsegg CCxr Trevita is higher than even an apartment in Jumeirah Beach Residence, which is one of the expensive residences in Dubai.

Built with unique ‘Koenigsegg Proprietary Diamond Weave’ that functions as assists in turning black fibre to silvery white; making the body of car appear sparkling and clear. Apart from this, the car consists of a huge 4.8 litre; supercharged V8 with a total output of 1004 horsepower which helps in making overtakes easier. To this date, there are only two models of this car in existences, which make it one of the most unique and novel cars available in the world.

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You cannot really find the roads of Dubai without Lamborghini Veneno Roadster. The car possesses a unique 6.5lt V12 engine, which contributes to the super speed of this astounding vehicle. In mere 2.9 seconds, this car can reach 60mph. The smoothness and lightweight of this car is specially created for those in love with zealous drives. If you crave flying on the road with a supercar around you, Lamborghini Veneno Roadster is what you buy!


Again, McLaren P1 LM is one of the most amazing cars to have ever been launched. This car is a street-version of the McLaren P1 GTR. The car was made on the conversion of the former model completed by British firm Lanzante, who purchased the first version constructed by McLaren. The beautiful car was developed keeping in view the demands of different markets existing in UK, Canada, US, UAE and Japan. There is a great similarity between this model and the previous McLaren F1 version. With a 3.8 litre twin-turbo V-9, glamorous gold plating with engine bay makes the car appear even prettier than the engine.

The car appears smarter than the P1 GTR and not only this; it also offers a great downforce as compared to the earlier version. The beauty of this automobile can be seen when produces 1000 horsepower and runs like a flying machine on the road. The exclusivity of this car is also unparalleled, with only five units produced so far.


When talking about expensive cars, how can Bugatti not make in the list? One of the fastest cars to be have ever been launched on the roads, Bugatti Veyron by Mansory Vivere holds a special place in the list of most luxurious cars. Although the vehicle was initially launched in 2005, it has been updated and improved several times since then. There is also a carbon fire body present in the car body. Apart from this, upgraded LED headlights are also present in the most sought after car. Due to the unique and exciting features of this car, it is without any doubt one of the best and highly preferred cars for Dubai patrol.


Do you love owning precious stones? Then, this car is the right fit for you! Yes, you heard it right. The unique Lykan Hypersport is unlike any other expensive car. The LED blades are made with 15-carat diamonds and headlights are made with 240 15-carat diamonds. The even better news is that you can customize all the gems as per your preference. Does it sound like a dream? With Lykan Hypersport, it becomes a living reality. While the interior of the car looks like a sci-fi movie, it was initially developed for Abu Dhabi police. The beautiful vehicle has also been in the movie “Furious 7”. If you love possessing rare gems, this car is definitely the best choice.


Are you looking for the most enticing and aesthetically designed vehicle to drive on roads? Then this car is definitely going to be your choice without any doubt.  Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio is among the most popular cars present in the world. It is also very popular and commonly seen on the roads of Dubai. The car was designed by an Italian company Pininfarina. Pininfarina launched this car in the memory of his son who had died. Other than this, there is also another interesting aspect of this car. The manufacturers of this car picked the owners, which is also something unique to this model. The Ferrari 458 was upgraded with a new design and body to launch this captivating model of car.


Pagani Huayra is also among the most expensive cars in the world. The car was launched as a tribute to Benny Caiola, who was a popular investor from Italy. Caiola was the owner of some of the most beautiful Ferraris and a very close friend of Horacio Pagani, the owner of this mesmerizing automobile.

The car, similar to the previous version has an engine as big as 6.0 litre, producing 790 horsepower. With only 2685 pounds, the engine of the BC is also extremely lightweight and ideal for the drivers who want to experience the unique taste of flying on the roads!


This wonder in automobile industry is going to be launched in 2019. Aston Martin Valkrie is developed as a project between Red Bull Racing Formula One team and Aston Martin. With a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio, you can expect the Valkyrie to be extremely lightweight, ensuring speed and austerity on roads.

With a 6.5-liter V12 hybrid powertrain, high speed and fervour is expected by this arriving model. The car will also generate unmatched downforce on track it’s being driven on. The different versions will be built to ensure separate features for road and track. There will be only a total of 150 Valkyries produced, making it among the precious cars to be owned.


When talking about world’s most expensive cars, who can forget about Mercedes? On the 50th anniversary of Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division, the engineers decided to produce an exceptional gift for the corporation. They launched Mercedes-AMG Project One. This car is a Formula One race car, with all the features of a supercar. This model consists of all the championship-winning parts of Mercedes-Benz’s models. With a 1.6-liter turbocharged V6, this is surely an unmatched model. The car consists of four electric motors for assisting the six-cylinder. Two motors help in providing power to front wheels, another assists in V6 drive of rear wheels and the last one is for the turbocharger. Together they create output of more than 1,000 horsepower. Not only this model has some of the best features, the interior is also remarkable. With two strengthen seats, Formula One-style steering wheel, button for suspension settings, driving modes and a pair of 10-inch screens. This mesmerizing model is going to be launched by the end of 2019. To maintain the exclusivity, there will be only a total of few models produced.

These are some of the most expensive cars that have hit the markets or are about to launch. There is no feeling comparable to that of owning and driving into your supercar. With extremely high horsepower, you can truly experience the feeling of flying on roads. Keep yourself updated on the latest cars in the world and do not miss the exciting lifetime experiences!

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